20 years of experience at shops big and small spanning all types of clients. Aids in artist selection, negotiates artist usage rights and budget, liaise between art director and artist, oversees all aspects of production, maintains full knowledge of world wide talent pool, understands usage, legal issues and copyright law, manages budgets and schedule.

I love finding the best artist for a project that will be the perfect fit with creatives and clients.  I play well with creatives, account teams and clients always trying to make the work better while walking the tight rope of budget and timing constraints.   I'm a tough but fair negotiator, have great relationships with agents and artists and am quick to jump in with any agency or project.


I grew up in Venice, CA but left the west to attend film school in Boston, MA.  After working in the film industry for some time, I tried my hand at Wardrobe Styling, Photography, and Art Direction before landing in the world of Art Production which perfectly combines my left and right brain inclinations.  I live in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn where I love hanging with my dog and being involved in local activities.